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Official Party Chatroom:…

Official Anti-Fa Watchers:
For when I'm not around, this gup is my right-hand man to watching out for "Anti-Fa" posts in this group.
-Need somebody

Welcome users to the new DA Unity Party! :D This is a party in which Communists/Socialists and Fascists/National Socialists are both allowed in here. We stand together in solidarity against the threat of the Anti-Fa and SJWs with their intolerable acts on attempting to get people on both sides (well whoever disagrees with them), banned from DA. This group is meant to bring us together and to fight as one along with sharing our ideas with each other. It wouldn't hurt to make new friends here either. :)

We are open to but not limited to:
-Open Minded Hoxhaists: I realized who these people are. Despite it being a different branch of the Far Left, most are close minded to other Far Left ideologies.
-Democratic Socialists
-National Socialists
-Oswald Fascists
-Mussolinian Fascists.

We are NOT open to:
-Hardline Stalinists: I hate these people. They're like "Stalin Worshippers" and hate people who disagree with them on their views.
-Close Minded Hoxhaists: Like Stalinists, but also not accepting of other lefties, which is a big problem.
-Hardline Maoists: Same as Stalinists, but only with "Mao Worshippers".
-Anti-Fa and SJWs: Obviously cause we're against these people.
-Extreme Neo-Nazis: I don't want attention seekers and worshippers of this kind either because they're just as bad as the rest.

Rules and Regulations:
Besides the obvious no spamming and scamming because I can't stand those kind of people who troll, there are some additional rules here.
-First of all, no Communists bashing Fascists or Fascist bashing Communists. This is called the "DA Unity Party" for a reason. We fight as one against a common threat.
-And Secondly, I want NO art promoting physical violence against either side. Whoever advocates for this kind of art in here will be booted.
-Everyone should get along. Even though we might be different with ideologies, it doesn't mean we have to fight on it. Fighting each other on that specific thing and breaking the First additional rule I added will also get booted from the group.
-Keep touchy subjects out that could start a war between members who have different sides and opinions on any conflict. If I catch art like this more than once and find who's responsible, the art will be removed (also the first time), and the person booted from the group.
-Finally, NO SHOVING IDEOLOGIES DOWN OTHERS THROATS. I HATE people who do this and I see it on the news as well as online too. People who do this to others in this group will risk getting themselves banned from this group as well.

Other than that, have fun in the group everybody, Communists + Fascists alike. :)

Banned from group:
- :iconn0-username: For Spamming the "Other Fascism Page" with Biased and Hate Art (art removed).


:iconfpod-fascism: FPOD-Fascism Fascist Party of DeviantArt :iconcommunism-world: Communism-World LIBERTÀ e DOVERE :iconfascist-anime: Fascist-Anime Be a smarty and join the party! :icon8nationalsocialism8: 8NationalSocialism8 Gott Mit Uns :iconpoliticsareparanoid: PoliticsAreParanoid Yes we are! :iconpolitical-corner: political-corner :icontruearyanism: TrueAryanism Our Duty is Noble :iconcontroversyinc: ControversyInc :iconrevisedcommunist: RevisedCommunist Nous Sommes L'Etat!


Antifa Dissimulation
:shakelaugh:  It's so sad when you intellectually beat an Antifa to the point when
later on you wipe out everything Zion stands for in a single journal entry,
all the Antifa can now think of is the damage to their ego.
Of course, though, we shouldn't expect anything different from the Antifa.
The Antifa (similarly to the skinhead, the street thug, the criminal, etc) is
the result of the polluted and paranoid mind. A simple characteristic of
paranoia is where a delusional belief is the sole and most prominent
feature presented and that the sufferer conclusively believes that
this is normal.
The dissimulation is the product of the paranoid mind,
it’s not irony or satire, its pure madness that is presented in an act.

Unfortunately this what we are seeing in the above journal entry.

User :iconsootyjared: has demonstrated blind, enthusiastic, and casual acceptance
of everything Zion bro
:iconrealhistory:RealHistory 4 37
Forced diversity by SilverKazeNinja Forced diversity :iconsilverkazeninja:SilverKazeNinja 11 30 Re: BLM hijacking Orlando Vigil for Pulse Shooting by SilverKazeNinja Re: BLM hijacking Orlando Vigil for Pulse Shooting :iconsilverkazeninja:SilverKazeNinja 10 23
Seattle feminists deface Bettie Page mural
I swear, they'll do ANYTHING for attention or to say their platform is the only one worth listening, and they completely ignore context..
:iconsilverkazeninja:SilverKazeNinja 6 3
Feminism IS NOT Equality by SilverKazeNinja Feminism IS NOT Equality :iconsilverkazeninja:SilverKazeNinja 34 55 Morpheus - Free Speech by SilverKazeNinja Morpheus - Free Speech :iconsilverkazeninja:SilverKazeNinja 38 35
Anita Sarkeesian hired by Twitter
Well, I might as well deactivate my Twitter.
:iconsilverkazeninja:SilverKazeNinja 3 8
Silver Shinobi, the Egalitarian by SilverKazeNinja Silver Shinobi, the Egalitarian :iconsilverkazeninja:SilverKazeNinja 11 2 Anti antifa poster by ghostraptor1917 Anti antifa poster :iconghostraptor1917:ghostraptor1917 15 38 Anti antifa poster 2 by ghostraptor1917 Anti antifa poster 2 :iconghostraptor1917:ghostraptor1917 8 172

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A new addition to our page was recently banned for no good reason due to some neo-nazi troll reporting him for what basically amounts to nothing:…

I ask all followers of this group to join together this once, putting aside any political alliances since Midnight held neither left or right views and to report this matter to admins at once like he asks in the vid provided.
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TheBloodyBan Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Do Prussian Socialists count as far right?
kasaundra1 Featured By Owner May 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fascism + Communism

I'm sorry both you're fucked either way! :D
WhatD Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017
Fascism + Communism...... were all fucked.
Brony4 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2016
Sorry new to this "political side" of deviantart, what is "Anti-Fa" exactly? Anti-Fascist?
bosnaingamer17 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016
thanks for let me join the group
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bcrbuio3tvrbvt Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016
Lol tell that to the original far leftists of 1939.
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Fuck-White-Pride Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016
Just to let you know but one of your members (rebelofgod) has flagged two of my comments as spam and blocked me, because i dared to question the logic of him denying one genocide but then accepting another. I know freedom of speech isn't fascism strong point but for as group this is apparently pro freedom of speech, having a member that censors opinions isn't good.
bcrbuio3tvrbvt Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016
I see you haven't actually read the rules of this group
Fuck-White-Pride Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016
I don't see how the rules are related to a member censoring people who question their beliefs.
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LordElthibar Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016
Parties of America Unite!
SatanicPomflakes Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks for letting me join.
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No problem. :D
can i join this group ?
RuffnRoboticGiusep Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
If you want. :)
thank you!!!
Jonathanp68505 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2016
I'm not joining this group, but I will say this very clear. remember in World War II, when the Soviet Union and the allies won the war against Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy in Europe. That's right, Communists should not ally with the Fascists! Now, if you are a Communist, leave this group, immediately!
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